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Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Seeds Regular

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5 Seeds Pack
$30.00 CND

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Seeds Regular

There’s only one GRANDDADDY PURPLE original and this is it! There are lots of imitators out there today, but this propriety "Royal Indica" strain whose puffy buds are unusually dense, magnificent in their unreal color scheme, their unmistakable smell, awesome taste and unbelievable potency are what make it, straight up uniquely… the "Real Deal"!

Ours, hands down is the most highly recommended and requested strain 6 to 1 in medical collectives today. If you have ever had our “original” GDP before you’ll immediately recognize these face, body and brain melting traits. Certainly if the color purple had a taste and smell this strain would be it.

The buds are very deep purple almost all the way through out, except for the occasional light neon green spot. With almost zero hairs on them, the crystal formations are outstanding, looking a lot like they were dipped and rolled in sparkling stardust!


  • Type:                       Indoor / Outdoor
  • Seeds                      5 Regular + 2 Free seeds
  • Growing:                  Easy
  • Flowering Time:        8 to 9 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa:           Mostly Indica
  • Effect:                      Long lasting, strong body effect
  • THC%:                     19%    
  • Yield:                       Up to 500gr indoor/600gr outdoor
  • Availability: 60 In Stock
  • Model: Q.C.S.
  • Manufacturer: Q.C.S. Quebec Gold

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