Order Marijuana Seeds in Quebec

Si vous désirez commander nos graines de Quebec, simplement passer une commande sur notre site web. Nous expédions partout Québec et au Canada, incluant Montréal et les environs. Graduellement, notre banque de graines sera également disponible dans plus de dispensaires et cliniques du Québec selon l'évolution de la législation.

Quelques cliniques et dispensaires offrent présentement nos produitsIf you want to order cannabis seeds from us in Quebec, just place an order on our site. We ship everywhere in Quebec and Canada, including Montreal and its surroundings (north shore and south shore).  Gradually, our Quebec cannabis seeds bank will also be available in Montreal dispensaries and stores as medical legalization progresses.

Some Quebec medical cannabis stores might already carry our seeds, and if they don't, simply ask them to order from us so that it's easier for you to get access to our quality products.

We offer stealth shipping for all our seeds.  Our company name won't be on the package.  We ship in a very discrete way.  Shipping usually takes 3 to 4 days before you receive the marijuana seeds to your door.  Shipping fees are indicated on your invoice (usually around 10$).

Quebec has been well known for it's Quebec Gold Seeds, and luckily, we carry the best of them.  Look at our seeds inventory (Q.C.S. brand) and see by yourself.

We are continuously expanding our Montreal Seeds inventory, so make sure you come back for new feminized, autoflower, CBD and regular seeds.

Seeds are better to grow than clones, that's a fact. Yields are usually much larger and the plants healthier.  Plus, growing your own cannabis plants is fun and easier than people might think.  Just takes a good preparation, decent growing equipment and the right cannabis seeds.  If you have any questions regarding the grow process, let us know and we'll send you tips.

If you see any missing Quebec Seeds in our inventory, let us know and we'll do our best to find and/or grow them for you.

Happy growing!

Posted by the Quebec Cannabis Seeds team


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