Regular cannabis seeds are bred from a male and a female parent, and can produce male or female plants. There is no way to tell whether a regular cannabis seed will produce a male or female plant apart from growing and flowering it. However, once a plant has been in the flowering phase for about two weeks, it is quite easy to tell the difference between males, with their oval pods, and females, which produce a a teardrop-shaped calyx from which a pair of white hairs emerge. 

When growing regular cannabis seeds, the natural ratio of females to males is around one-to-one (66% female). When planning a grow, it is best to assume that half of the seeds started will turn out female and germinate extra seeds to account for the males that will be discarded early in flowering. 
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B.C. Big Bud Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

B.C. Big Bud Cannabis Seeds Regular 

This British Columbian cousin to Big Bud will not disappoint. True to its name, it produces beautiful big buds that have a citrusy scent and flavor. While Big Bud from the Netherlands is mostly indica, BC Big Bud has been stabilized after a sativa cross. Its leaves are mostly sativa-like, and the smoke has an enjoyable, cerebral high.

The resin production is outstanding, making crystal gems of the buds, and carpeting the leaves with dew drops. Even Big Bud's seeds are large, although seed size does not necessarily correspond to eventual plant or bud outcome.

This variety can be grown indoors or out, but due to large solid buds, care should be taken to avoid overmoisture as this could encourage mold. Indoors, it is happy in a hydroponic setup and can be used in a sea of green method, or allowed to grow large with multiple branching

B.C. Big Bud INFO

VARIETYMostly Sativa
    6 Seeds Per Pack
    Out of Stock
    $34.00 CND
    Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Regular
    Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

    Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Regular

    Blueberry is a well known classic and former winner of the Cannabis Cup. This indica is known for its colorful fan leaves and purplish bud that produce a fruity flavor and taste. This is an excellent strain for pain relief and relaxation.

    Blueberry is a famously enjoyable and classy cannabis that comes with tasty flavor and colors. Repeat customers usually germinate a number of seeds so that they can find a special mother plant which is really easy to take cuttings from. It yields good and primarily liked for those who are looking for that special, relaxing and refined high.

    Blueberry is an easy variety to grow but can be a choosy feeder. However, it will pay you off for your efforts and investments with high yield harvests of tasty and high quality buds. Until now, Blueberry is a coffee shop favorite and it's now decades after it was first introduced.

    Blueberry Info

    • Type:                     Indoor / Outdoor
    • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
    • Flowering Time:     (50 - 60 days)
    • Indica/Sativa:        75% Indica
    • Effect:                   Relaxing High
    • THC%:                  20.33%    
    • Yield:                    Up to 500gr Indoor/300gr Out
    6 Seeds Per Pack
    $34.00 CND
    Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

    Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Regular

    One of our most famous strains is Northern Lights. This 7 to 8 week compact, fast and very dense strain is a favourite amongst many. With frosted buds possess a honey-musk aroma blended with an earthy Afghan undertone. Low odor and easy to grow this strain is a favorite for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity.

    Northern Lights is so easy to grow that's why she is well loved by a lot of growers. Not just that, it is also very potent with the THC level of 15% +. In just 7 to 8 weeks, you will have a rich, potent, mostly Indica smoke with a pleasant layer of frosty and lushy honey-musk aroma that would make you feel good.

    Northern Lights Info

    • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoors
    • Growing:               Easy
    • Seeds                   5 Per Pack
    • Flowering Time:    7 to 8 Weeks
    • Indica/Sativa:        mostly Indica 
    • Effect:                   Stone High
    • THC%:                  High 
    • Yield:                    Up to350gr indoor/450gr out
      6 Seeds Per Pack
      $34.00 CND
      OG Kush cannabis seeds
      OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

      OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

      The OG Kush Regular strain find its origin at Northern California. OG stand for Ocean Grown, and it is a crossing between the Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai genetics. OG Kush seeds will grow into a dense marijuana plant with loads of crystalline buds with a lemon smell. The buds will have the distinct 'Kush structure with make this plant yield up to 675 grams a square meter outdoor grown. Although OG Kush is a mostly indica strain, the leaves are quite similar to the sativa.

      As you might expect from its name, OG Kush is great for growing the Sea of Green method, great for growing on a massive scale for commercial purposes. Smoking OG Kush Regular has euphoric and happy effect and with the tasty smell of lemon it is a great strain to combat stress and anxiety. Often used for medical treatment, the OG Kush Regular strain helps with migraines, ADD/ADHD and stress disorders.

      OG Kush INFO

      • Type:                       Indoor/ outdoor
      • Growing:                  Moderate
      • Flowering Time:       7 to 8 Weeks 
      • Indica/Sativa:           Mostly indica
      • Effect:                      High (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
      • THC%:                     22 %
      • Harvest month         October
      • Yield:                       400 in 500 gr out
      6 Seeds Per Pack
      Out of Stock
      $34.00 CND
      Purple Bud Cannabis Seeds Regular
      Purple Bud Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

      Purple Bud Cannabis Seeds

      Purple Bud is an interesting variety coming from Oregon in the USA. In Oregon and California there are many different coloured varieties such as Purple Oregon Sativa, the Purple Akala or the “the Purps” praised by Jason King in his book The Cannabible. These strain are as interesting as much for their colours as for their fruity tastes. It belongs to the “purple family” of cannabis strains. In America these plants are called purple even if they are lightly coloured e.g. light pink or light violet, contrary to the Dutch ones which are sometimes almost black due to the effect of the local climate. This strain is very similar to Skunk #1 in characteristics, genetics and growth patterns. It is easy to cultivate and finishes flowering in 9 weeks. Its optimum THC content is around 20%. Purple Bud gives a good cerebral high, perfect for enjoying the great outdoors.

      Purple Bud INFO​

      • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
      • Growing: Easy
      • Flowering Time: 8 to 9 Weeks
      • Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
      • Effect: Body and cerebral high
      • THC%: 18% to 20%
      • Yield: Up to 450gr indoor/550gr out
      6 Seeds Per Pack
      $34.00 CND
      Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

      Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular

      Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong smoky taste combined with a very high THC level. The Purple Kush plant is short in stature with dense buds riddled with thin white and orange hairs. Purple Kush is a durable and versatile plant with frosty buds and an earthy pungent aroma. Quebec Cannabis Seeds find that this Purple Kush weed has a heavy high with a strong body stone and a hit lasting for two to three hours. The smoke has a somewhat fruity flavor reminiscent of grapes and an earthy, skunk-like aftertaste.

      Purple Kush flowers within 8 to 10 weeks and it can provide you with high yield of frosty buds. The Purple Kush THC level is extremely high and the effect is a known pure indica feeling that will make you come back for more. Purple Kush THC content measuring up to 27.51%.

      Purpule Kush INFO

      • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
      • Growing: Easy to Moderate
      • Flowering Time: Average (55 - 65 days)
      • Indica/Sativa: 75% Indica
      • Effect: Pure Indica High
      • THC%: 27.51%
      • Yield: Up to 400gr indoor/650gr out
      6 Seeds Pack
      Out of Stock
      $34.00 CND
      Purple Widow Cannabis Seeds Regular
      Purple Widow Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

      Purple Widow Cannabis Seeds

      Purple Widow is very strong. The strain finishes a beautiful purple color and has a sweet purple taste. However, being a cross between sativa and indica purple widow also has the sativa quality of mood enhancement - bringing on an interest in activities.

      Purple Widow INFO​

      • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
      • Growing: Easy
      • Flowering Time: 8 to 9 Weeks
      • Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
      • Effect: Body and Head High
      • THC%: 19% to 22%
      • Yield: Up to 450gr indoor/550gr out
      6 Seeds Pack
      $34.00 CND
      Regular Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack (Q.C.S.)

      Regular Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack

      This mixed pack of Regular strains is perfect for the indecisive grower. Not sure what regular strain is right for you? Why not try them all? We’ve included the classic strains with our unique breeds all in one pack of 5 or 10 seeds. Growers enjoy a little bit of everything in their garden. Sativas, indicas, and hybrids.

      These are high yielding regular strains suitable for indoor or outdoor growing. Plants will vary in height depending on the varietal; from tall and thin sativas to short and bushy indicas, and hybrids somewhere in between. The levels of THC and CBD will vary from low to moderate to high. The THC effects will vary from mellow indicas to uplifting sativas. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to try all of Montreal Cannabis Seeds regular strains in one order.

      Note: Mix & Match packs are not labeled individually. They are random.

      High Yielding Regular Seeds
      $38.00 CND
      Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

      Trainwreck  Cannabis Seeds Regular 

      Trainwreck is another cannabis strain that can become quite tall and lanky with vine-like growth. Whether it is cultivated indoors or outdoors it will benefit immensely from support for its branches. Indoors SCRoG is recommended by Green House; this will not only provide support for the buds to mitigate against branches snapping under their weight but will also allow more even light penetration and increase bud development and consequently yields. In a nine week flowering period growers can harvest around 700 gr/m2. Outdoors each plant can produce up to 800 gr/plant by early October in northern latitudes.

      Trainwreck produces high levels of THC at 21.74% with 0.77% CBD and 0.1% CBN. Its effect is very stimulating and creative at first but this quite quickly evolves into a heavy, powerful stone that is intense and long-lasting. This cannabis strain is effective therapeutically for painrelief. It is 60% indica, 40% sativa.

      Trainwreck  INFO

      FLOWERING TYPEPhotoperiod
      THC CONTENT21.74%
      CBD CONTENT0.77%
      YIELDIndoors: 700 gr/m2; Outdoors: 800 gr/plant
      GROWSGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
      FLOWERING TIME8 weeks
      HARVEST MONTHBeginning of October
      EFFECTBody, Long-lasting, Physical, Powerful
      6 Seeds Per Pack
      $34.00 CND
      White Widow Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

      White Widow Cannabis Seeds Regular

      Our regular White Widow is a former Cannabis Cup Winner that is high in THC and CBD. Known for white trichome crystals and orange hairs that develop at the end of its flowering stage. Easy to grow, a great yielder and perfect for cloning. Caution the high from White Widow is not for beginners.

      Considered to be the world's most popular strain, our White Widow regular seeds are perfect for new and advanced growers. This is easy for the new growers white still offering a very high yield of potent buds. It can provide you with strong cerebral high effect. You don't want to miss White Widow in your cannabis garden.

      White Widow Info

      • Type:                      Indoor / Outdoors
      • Growing:                 Easy
      • Flowering Time:      8 Weeks
      • Indica/Sativa:          60% Indica
      • Effect:                      Stone High
      • THC%:                    24.10%  
      • Yield:                      Up to 400gr indoor/350gr outdoor
      6 Seeds Per Pack
      $34.00 CND
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